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Imagine you can apply to university or course in any part of the world online.


40 language schools and universities in 20 countries of the world are available for you on XT is international educational platform with headquarters in California. We believe that there should be no borders in education. So we created an online gateway for admission into different part of the world. We cooperate directly with educational institutions so feel free to apply via our platform.




US (Work and Study)


United States of America is still the top destination for international students. Despite several anti-immigrant voices in politics of America. US is a still home of such managers as Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Satya Nadela (Microsoft CEO), Sergey Brin (Google founder), Elon Musk (Tesla founder) and many other immigrants who made America really great place to live and learn. There is no other country in the world where immigrants could become such successful as they are in US. According to Forbes journal US is the best place in the world if you want to become a millionaire in someday of your life. Indeed, United States is the destination of leaders. XT offers several programs in several institutions across the United States amongst them we have language schools, colleges, business schools, law schools and universities. TOEFL / IELTS examination and year to spend of foundations program is amongst main reason why people don’t go to US. We offer a solution for this, with our programs you will be able to get admitted to universities even if you don’t have TOEFL or IELTS and you would not have to spend a year in foundation instead you will be able to get admitted in several month.

While doing your degree you will be able to get full time work permit with Social Security number via our programs. Most students earn around 2000-3000$ per month while tuition fee is around 5000$ annually.




We have several schools with whom we work in UK. Main advantage is a pricing. We have schools offering degree programs only for 13.000 – 14.000 British pounds. And language schools in the heart of the London with a tuition fee of 500 pounds per month.



EU (Work and Study)


1.Guaranteed work and income during education.

2.High visa approval rate.

3.Residency of EU from the start of education.

4.Tuition fee of 2000€ per year.

5.Possibility to work all across the Europe during education.


EU is another destination where we offer our students to study and work at the same time.




Canada is one of the best destinations for immigrants. If you want to become an immigrant after education we can offer our services working with Canadian Universities.




Australia is one of the best destination for education. Not only it is a most immigrant friendly english speaking country. It is also #1 destination for the most affordable tuition fees amongst other British Commonwealth states.




One of the most affordable schools for Medical and Engineering studies in the world.




One of the best things about education in China is that you end up speaking the worlds biggest manufacturer language at the end of your studies.




We offer lowest fees for UK. Study english in London only for 800 € per month. No IELTS required. Degree studies for 13000€ per year (living cost included).


We offer various courses and




Why Ukraine?


1.Most affordable prices in the world for medical and engineering studies.

2.European qualification and recognized diploma.

3.No entry examinations, 100% guaranteed admission.

4.98% visa approval rates for Indian and African students.

5.No visa to EU for Ukrainian residents.

6.Most affordable prices in Europe.

7.No admission fees!!!


Study medicine for 1600$ a year. Become a Medic get accredited to work in Europe for the lowest price in the world. No admission or application fees. Apply now.





1.Tuition fee of 1500$ per year.

2.European recognized qualification.

3.No admission fees.




Malaysia is one of the top english speaking destinations. Another reason why to study in Malaysia is working opportunities for students.




Azerbaijan is one of the newly independent states and is one of the best for educational opportunities. Booming oil economy. Lowest prices and beautiful landscapes makes this country original destination for international students.





Tbilisi the capital city of Georgia is a home for more over 20000 international students from all over the world. Georgia is # 17 in world doing business ranking. It is a best country for future young startup founders and entrepreneurs. 1 acre of land in touristic Batumi costs only 5$ with government subsidies.




With 3000$ tuition fee for Medical Studies Minsk is one of the top destinations for international students. Students one of the Minsk universities have sold MSQRD app to Facebook and invented the Viber app. Minsk is the best place for startuppers.



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